How Our Chicago Commercial Litigation Attorney Can Assist With Complex Commercial Litigation Cases

If you are dealing with business litigation issues, reach out to a competent Chicago commercial litigation attorney at The Royko Group law firm.

How a Chicago Commercial Litigation Attorney Can Help With Business Disputes

Every business faces different challenges and obligations. For example, business owners have to obtain appropriate licenses, including those with the Small Business Center (SBC) and the City of Chicago. These and other obligations often require the knowledge of some local, state, and even federal laws, as well as representation in disputes.

The legal team of business litigation attorneys at The Royko Group has prevailed over some of the largest, most reputable law firms and obtained multiple seven-figure verdicts in commercial cases in Chicago, IL.

Various business disputes can arise with vendors, consumers, competitors, former employees, and others. Considering all that can happen, a Chicago attorney with experience in commercial litigation, like those you can find at The Royko Group law firm, can be a great asset to your business.

Commercial litigation encompasses a wide variety of civil litigation issues. Most commonly, The Royko Group provides litigation services in the following categories:

  • Contract Litigation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Fraud Claims
  • Antitrust Violations
  • Shareholder Suits
  • Class Action Litigation
  • Securities and Accounting Fraud
  • Communications Decency Act Claims
  • Trade Secrets Actions
  • Trademark and Copyright Infringement
  • Employment Litigation
  • Separately Engaged Trial Counsel

The Chicago Corporate Law attorneys at The Royko Group have significant experience in complex commercial litigation — reach out today to find out how we can help your company.

Turn to a Commercial Litigation Attorney Chicago to Resolve Your Contract Disputes

Whether it’s between two business entities or a company and an individual, every business relationship is based on a contract. If one party doesn’t fulfill obligations that the contract stipulates, then they are liable for a breach of contract and they can be sued for damages.

Contract litigation is, actually, one of the most common types of litigation and can be based on any type of contract dispute, including a breach of contract. Defendants in this type of claim can dispute the damages or the liability by proving that the plaintiffs had also committed a breach of contract.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty claims are claims brought on behalf of a party who is charged with acting on behalf of another party’s best interests but acts in a way that is adverse to that party. For example, business partners, as well as corporation directors, have a fiduciary duty to their business and each other that consists of several duties, including duty of loyalty and care. Directors have to act in the best interest of their company, and they are not allowed to profit at the corporation’s expense. In case of a partnership, a partner has a duty to obey all requirements of the partnership.

However, in any corporation or partnership, Partnership Disputes are practically inevitable. These disputes arise between partners, officers, members, or leaders of a business entity. When partners or shareholders can’t resolve their disputes, they can proceed to litigation.

Securities and Accounting Fraud, sometimes referred to as stock and investment fraud, is a claim based on a deceptive practice in stock or commodities markets. It can involve intentional manipulation of financial statements in order to create false financial health of a corporation. It can also involve an accountant, employees, or the organization that intends to mislead investors and shareholders.

In addition, if shareholders believe that, for example, a member of a board of directors is engaged in a wrongful practice, they may file lawsuits. These claims can be brought on behalf of a corporation or directly against a corporation. There are two types of Shareholders Suits: direct and derivative lawsuits.

Our business litigation lawyers at The Royko Group have worked on cases ranging from commercial partnership disputes to complex contract disputes between contracted parties and streaming internet services. Reach out to us, schedule a free consultation, and find out how we can help you.

Business Litigation Attorney and Fraud Claims

Business Fraud Claims may occur in almost all businesses or transactions, and can affect both consumers and business owners. These claims rely on some sort of fraud occurring. They can include tortious interference with contractual relationships, tortious interference with prospective business or economic advantage, consumer fraud or deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, false advertising, or product confusion.

It’s good to know that consumers frequently enjoy better protection under the law. Companies that create deceptive statements to induce someone to make a purchase are often penalized. The State of Illinois protects consumers and their rights through the Deceptive Business Practices and Consumer Fraud Act (ICFA).

If consumers or plaintiffs don’t file their claims individually, they can join together and make their small claims one large lawsuit. Litigation that arises on behalf of a group of individuals with a common claim is known as Class Action Litigation.

Class action lawsuits can also involve a large number of employees or workers who have suffered the same or similar harm from their employers. Employment Litigation includes lawsuits between staff and employers that arise because of work-based activities.

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Knowledgeable Corporate Litigation Attorney

Several state and federal laws are designated to ensure businesses are competing fairly. Antitrust laws can limit the market power of a particular firm by making sure acquisitions and mergers don’t form monopolies and prevent the formation of cartels by multiple firms through practices like price-fixing.

Antitrust Violations Claims involve a violation of these laws that protect commerce and trade from abusive practices. This may include restraints, price-fixing, and price discrimination, as well as monopolization.

Trade secrets are precious intellectual property of a company. If an individual is accused of misappropriation of trade secrets, it’s crucial to retain a lawyer who possesses comprehensive knowledge of state and federal trade secret laws. Trade Secrets Actions are claims involving secret information that can confer a competitive advantage.

Sometimes referred to as soft intellectual property, Trademark and Copyright Infringement claims occur when a business or companies distinct protected creations are used by an unauthorized third-party.

If a company is involved in a copyright or trademark infringement, that can have serious consequences on its reputation. While copyright protects the distribution of the company’s creative work, trademark protects the linkage between a certain brand and their logo. However, copyright and trademark infringement have legal repercussions if they are breached.

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Retain a Chicago Business Litigation Lawyer Who Has Relevant Experience

If the defendant has negligently made a false statement about a plaintiff, published that statement to a third-party, and that caused the plaintiff certain damage, then the elements of the cause of action for defamation in the state of Illinois are fulfilled.

When fighting against these and anonymous online attacks, individuals and businesses should also consider whether the website that had published defamatory claims is violating the Communications Decency Act (CDA).

Although this act gives service providers a broad immunity from liability for the speech of third parties, that can’t be applied if the provider took part in creating that content. Communications Decency Act Claims that can be brought against an internet service provider for fulfilling publisher-like functions are often defended according to the Communications Decency Act.

Our law firm is also providing Separately Engaged Trial Counsel. Our trial lawyers are engaged specifically for the final stages of litigation when law firms need experts to take cases to trial. Additionally, our Chicago business litigation attorneys provide outside counsel services and prepare and advise corporations and businesses on all forms of legal risk and potential business litigation issues.