The Role & Benefits of Hiring a Chicago Securities Lawyer

If you have suffered losses due to the deception of a broker, a Chicago securities lawyer can help you take legal action and begin moving forward.

When Do You Need a Chicago Securities Lawyer?


Did you know that investment losses incurred due to any form of fraud are legally protected? According to the Chicago Illinois Securities Law of 1953, you can file a securities fraud claim against a brokerage firm to recoup compensation for financial losses.

Unfortunately, some businesses and firms put their bottom line above integrity and the client. Our team of Chicago securities lawyers at the Royko Law Firm knows how to identify deceit and ensure that our clients get compensation for their capital losses and securities litigation.

We are also experts in defending our clients in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Submit our contact form to book a free consultation.


What Do Securities Lawyers Do?

Loss of investments due to a broker’s illegal behavior may not be gone for good. An experienced legal team can help you recover these financial losses from the dealer responsible by pursuing a claim in the form of a FINRA filing or a lawsuit.

At The Royko Group, our super lawyers can help you fight for compensation for your investment losses and if you’ve been conned by at-fault businesses and firms. Get in touch with our firm by phone or through our website to learn how we can help you deal with financial, legal issues by maintaining the best attorney-client relationship in the Windy City at 161 N Clark St, Chicago, Il 60601.

We’re the Securities Lawyers Chicago Trusts for a Variety of Claims


How do you know that you have been the victim of a financial scam? What specific practices could be considered investment fraud?

Our Illinois law firm legal advisor is experienced with section 130.771 of the 1953 Law, which outlines each type of deceit that can be pursued legally. We know every inch of this law and have the confidence to drive results whether you need someone to call for internal investigations or assistance with the arbitration. Our phone line is always available to answer questions for new clients.

A good rule for identifying this fraud is that the broker’s job is defined as serving the client’s best interest. If it can be proven that professional registered dealers or private brokers have acted in their interest, this could be an instance of deceit.

Two large frauds that a broker or business may commit are churning and undue risks. Churning is a term that describes the process by which a broker buys and sells investors’ money excessively to generate a larger commission for themselves.


What does “excessively” mean, though? At what point do buying and selling become churning?

The key to churning disputes is finding how the trades made on behalf of the investor do not suit the client’s objectives but suit the broker’s objective of a higher commission.

Undue risk is also considered fraud if the person handling your trading exposes your investment to risk that leads to a significant loss, which could be considered an undue risk.

Our legal advice comes from the best securities advisors Chicago has to offer. We can assist clients in identifying churning, undue risk, and other types of investment deceit to regain their financial losses.


Who Is the Best Lawyer in Chicago, IL for Securities Law?

You have many options when it comes to finding legal representation in Windy City. However, not every team will go above and beyond for your case and charge fair rates.

If you need specialized, quality services and financial advice you can trust, look no further than our team at The Royko Group. Call us today to learn more about what makes our firm the best.

Securities and Exchange Commission Attorneys


The SEC is a government agency created in 1934 that is tasked with federal regulation of the market. It is responsible for regulating investment disputes and protecting investors on the market with the current laws. Therefore, SEC attorneys specialize in investigations and cases involving or related to investments and investors.

Investors can hire private counsel of Securities and Exchange Commission attorneys to seek compensation for financial losses due to fraudulent or manipulative practices. While the SEC or FINRA may conduct their reviews and investigations, there are simply too many investors on the market to pay special attention to every case.

This is where SEC attorneys come into play. When you contact the top private firms for assistance involving losses on the market, you get educated eyes on your case.

Securities Attorney for Complex Claims


Section 130.771 of the Illinois Securities Law of 1953 identifies the conduct of brokers that may be evidence of fraudulent trading. Each type of dispute requires a different type of evidence to prove guilt for law enforcement.

The securities attorney team at The Royko Group is knowledgeable of the complex differences between:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Churning
  • Negligence
  • Over-concentration
  • Other types of disputes between investors and dealers

We know the processes well and can navigate them to a fast resolution. Let us step in and fight on your behalf for your entitled compensation.

Securities Attorney Chicago: Ready to Help You Seek Compensation


Not every agreement puts investors in the position to proceed to litigation. This is because many brokers utilize arbitration agreements when a client signs on to their services. They’ll require investors to sign a mandatory arbitration provision that ensures the use of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) process.

If a brokerage firm does not require arbitration provisions, the client may file a lawsuit to seek compensation. A securities attorney in Chicago can help parse through the options available to each specific scenario by law. They can also provide services like representing you in a suit against your broker.

Ready to get the compensation you need? Contact our team to learn more about the services that we offer, like complex commercial litigation.

Our Shareholder Litigation Lawyers Are On Your Side


Sometimes, businesses that are under pressure to hit certain benchmarks may engage in illegal behaviors that put shareholders at risk. This could come in the form of:

  • Fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • False or misleading financial statements
  • And more

So what can shareholders do to protect themselves from being taken advantage of and potentially facing the cost of financial losses?

Get in touch with us for shareholder litigation. This describes any form of shareholder’s actions to recoup financial losses suffered due to negligent or manipulative actions by a company.

Working with our licensed law firm can protect you as the client from misconduct by the business that you have trusted with capital. When you meet with us, one of our professionals reviews your case, gives you quality legal advice, and fights for your justice.


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If you have been the victim of securities law fraud in a county in Illinois, an SEC attorney can help you recoup your losses and navigate the law enforcement process effortlessly with reliable legal counsel. Our office can help with shareholder and securities litigation, employment law, and other legal services.

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