Contract Dispute Lawyer Chicago: Preserving Your Business’s Best Interests

As a business owner, contracts are a fact of life. However, when a disagreement or breach of contract arises, you may find yourself caught up in a contract dispute, making hiring a reputable contract dispute lawyer in Chicago essential.

Contract Dispute Lawyer Chicago


A contract is entered into when both parties to it accept its terms and conditions. However, it is common for contract disputes to arise once an agreement is entered into. Most parties usually sign contracts with good and honest intentions. Still, contract disputes arise when one party breaches the contract or one or both parties disagree on the conditions and terms of the contract.

For this reason, it is critical to hire the services of a commercial litigation attorney if you are facing a contract dispute. Hiring a contract dispute attorney before a dispute occurs can also prevent disputes from arising in the future as they will provide legal advice and ensure everything is up to scratch before you sign on the dotted line.

Why You Need a Contract Dispute Attorney in Illinois

While, for the most part, contract disputes arise from disagreement about the conditions and terms or failure to perform by both or one party, third parties can also be involved through interference or tortious interference.

There are several ways to breach a contract in Illinois, and these include:

  • Failure to perform obligations as set out in the contract
  • Failure to timely perform according to the terms of the contract
  • Failure to perform tasks or services as agreed
  • Failure to pay for goods or services
  • Failure to comply with a settlement agreement, and
  • Failure to comply with restrictive covenants or employment agreements

Contract disputes often result from disagreements over how the terms of the contract are interpreted. Some parties will also try to take advantage of ambiguities and vague provisions to avoid honoring the agreement. In some instances, disputes may arise from mutual or unilateral mistakes.

Given how complex the legal issues in a contract may become, it is essential to work with a contract dispute lawyer. At The Royko Group, we provide customized solutions for all your contract dispute needs. If you are in Cook County or anywhere in the Chicago, IL, area, do not hesitate to contact us for help with your contract case.

Lawyer for Contract Dispute in Chicago


Our lawyers have represented many businesses in breach of contract negotiations and lawsuits at court across Chicago and the surrounding areas. 

With more than 40 years of experience in a range of business-related practice areas, we may help you with complex contractual issues such as non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and other matters in business law. 

If the other party has failed to perform their contractual obligations or they are bringing allegations against you or your business, then you should contact The Royko Group to fight for your best interests. 

When your best interests are threatened, you need a law firm with the experience and skills to protect your assets, and we may be able to assist. We have lawyers practicing different contract litigation and negotiation areas and will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

Best Lawyers for Contract Disputes in Chicago

Some contracts are too subjective and vague at first glance that it may not immediately be clear what party is in breach. At The Royko Group, we practice a variety of practice areas that include:

  • Damages from breach of contract
  • Dispute over the existence of a contract
  • Proving breach of contract

Your obligations and rights must be fairly represented and recognized, whether you enter into an implied, oral, or written contract. 

Call us today to establish an attorney-client relationship if you intend to enter into a business contract or have a contract claim. Our business lawyers provide personalized and customized solutions to each client, which is why we have achieved outstanding results for our clients all over Chicago, IL. 

Breach of Contract Attorneys


Contract law and litigation in Chicago can be pretty complex, especially when the terms and conditions of the contract are vague or subjective. Aside from this, the party that violated the contract may have many defenses for not holding up their end of the agreement. 

In such instances, one of the most effective ways to claim your rights is by hiring a professional business lawyer in Chicago to fight for your rights. At The Royko Group, we help our clients defend against various contract claims and recover what is owed to them.

Some of the recovery options businesses in Illinois may have included enforcing the contract on their own terms, suing for liquidated damages, suing for money expended, and canceling the contract.

In some complicated breach of contract cases, it may not be easy to compute the non-breaching party’s damages. For instance, specific performance does not apply in an employment contract, making it difficult to determine how much monetary damage you can claim.

As such, it is critical to work with a skilled and experienced lawyer to understand the complexities of contract lawyers. Call The Royko Group law firm today for a first free consultation — we always have an attorney waiting to answer your questions about how we can assist you with contract law.


Best Breach of Contract Law Firms in Chicago

The Royko Group is a law firm with experienced contract lawyers providing practical and aggressive representation to entrepreneurs, business people, and business professionals across a broad spectrum of circumstances. 

We understand that contracts are an essential component when one is conducting any type of business. They are critical in how the business or individual relates to local, state, and government regulations, customers, employees, and vendors. 

Without the best people crafting and modifying the contracts, a business may incur unnecessary financial and legal expenses that could cause extreme strain. As experienced Chicago breach of contract attorneys, we help both large and small businesses achieve success by providing them with the representation and legal advice they need. 

If you are looking for professional help in drafting, modification, or any other aspect of contracts, you should contact the lawyers at The Royko Group. We are here to help you successfully draft, maintain, and enforce contracts for the benefit of your clients, contractors, partners, and business.

What to Look for in a Good Contract Dispute Lawyer


You need to look for several things when finding a good lawyer for your contract dispute. Some of these include:

  • Finding a lawyer with both litigation, negotiation, and arbitration experience. While most contract disputes will be settled in arbitration, it is critical to get a lawyer with a lot of experience litigating in court. 
  • A lawyer with trial experience is crucial because they know all the blind spots and defenses that the breaching party may come up with and will be prepared to tear them down. Going with an experienced lawyer also ensures that you get a favorable outcome in arbitration or court. 
  • You also need to hire a lawyer based on their compassion, qualifications, and communication skills.

How to Choose a 5-Star Contract Lawyer

Finding a 5-star contract lawyer can be challenging unless you have a few pointers. However, you can have a good chance of finding a 5-star business lawyer by asking the right questions. Before working with a lawyer, you need to determine things such as:

The scope of the work – You will need to determine if the lawyer has the skills and capacity to draft your entire contract or if they only practice reviewing it. Will you require a fresh set of eyes to review what you already have, or will you need a new contract? You will have to be very specific about what you need from the attorney.

Billing – You need to determine the billing standard as some attorneys will bill hourly while others will charge a flat fee, particularly for small projects. It is critical to understand and project what it may cost to work with the lawyer. 

Lawyer area of focus – Attorneys have different areas of focus, and as such, it is vital to work with a lawyer with experience and skill in the type of contract issue you are dealing with. If you have a contract dispute, you will need someone that has litigation experience, while for complex business agreements, a lawyer familiar with your industry would be best. 

Where the lawyer practices – If you are in Chicago, you will need a Chicago law firm as there are typically different regulations and laws in the different states. You will also need a lawyer with the experience and licenses for your particular locale. 

Suppose you are looking for Chicago contract litigation attorneys. In that case, there is none better than The Royko Group law firm for a first free consultation before you enter into a contract or to help resolve disputes involving contracts with both individual and multiple parties.

What Can a Contract Dispute Lawyer Do for You?


A contract usually sets out the obligations between two or more parties which are usually enforceable by law. When you work with a contract lawyer, they will help you execute your contracts properly to achieve the purpose of the contract while protecting your interests. 

Contract lawyers can help you with the drafting, modification, and review of:

  • Sales agreements
  • Tax contracts
  • Contract review
  • Intellectual property contracts, and 
  • Licensing

Contract lawyers can help with all manner of elements that have to do with business contracts. At The Royko Group, our lawyers may be able to help with:

  1. Drafting new contracts
  2. Assisting with cases to do with breach of contracts
  3. Reviewing contracts before signing
  4. Evaluating signed contracts when there are disputes

What to Expect from a Contract Dispute Attorney

There is all manner of things that a contract lawyer could do for you, and these include facilitating:

Smooth contractual relationships – A lawyer will take responsibility for the drafting and execution of a contract and, in doing so, provides a level of impartiality which the parties may lack. 

Incorporate the latest law and regulations – Industry regulations and state laws are constantly changing, and it may be challenging to stay updated as a layman. Conversely, a contract lawyer will have the narrow focus needed to be updated on the changing laws. 

Help you understand the process – Legal jargon can be very confusing. If you do not understand the critical terms well, essential conditions may be left out or misunderstood. With a lawyer, you can minimize the risk of costly legal disputes from inaccurate assumptions.

Close potential loopholes – Whether accidental or intentional, loopholes could open you up to liabilities. With an experienced lawyer, you can be confident that all your contract documents are correctly executed. 

Ensure you get the best terms – Working with a contract lawyer will ensure that you get the best possible terms as they can negotiate on your behalf.

File the correct contracts – There is all manner of contracts that your business may require, and a good contract lawyer will advise you on the different documents you will need to protect your business. 

Represent you when there is a breach of contract – If you find yourself dealing with a breach of a contract, a contract lawyer can fight for you to enforce the contract terms.

At The Royko Group, we strive to help our clients achieve success by providing solid legal representation and advice. Contact us if you need help in drafting, modifying, or any other aspect of contract law and disputes. We may be able to help you draft, maintain, and enforce favorable and watertight contracts that benefit your business.