Mathew Dudek Joins The Royko Group,
LLC as Counsel

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Chicago Lawyers Ken Sullivan and Sam Royko announce the formation of The Royko Group, LLC.

The Royko Group is a Chicago-based law firm with Chicago character. The principals were born and raised in Chicago, they understand Chicago, and they know how to win in Chicago. The team has experience taking more than fifty cases from inception to verdict. At The Royko Group, the client is the focus, and they understand that trial is not always the only solution. They work diligently on behalf of their clients to find, create, and pursue all solutions. They believe in developing a winning strategy at the outset and executing that strategy efficiently and flawlessly.

“I studied the law in Chicago, and I use my work experience in both the government and private sector to fight hard for my clients in Chicago’s Federal and State courtrooms,” said Ken Sullivan. “I am proud that The Royko Group will be a law firm that reflects the spirit of Chicago by working closely with its clients to find real and fair solutions to complex legal challenges.”

“My father taught me that standing up for others, and being their champion are core values,” added Sam Royko. “At The Royko Group, we will carry that legacy with us as we assist and guide our clients.”

A long-time son of Chicago, Ken Sullivan grew up on the city’s west side and its bordering suburbs. Ken has more than 30 years of litigation experience representing both the public and private sectors. He has brought more than 15 civil jury trials to verdict, first-chaired multiple bench trials in state and federal courts, and regularly represents clients in injunctive and other equitable relief hearings, administrative hearings, arbitrations, and mediations.

The son of Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago columnist Mike Royko, Sam Royko, is a founding member of The Royko Group. He embodies the spirit of his father’s legacy of advocating for the people of Chicago. Sam has experience representing clients in a variety of legal matters, including complex litigation, class actions, securities, and employment. Sam has also provided outside counsel services for corporations and small businesses.

The team at The Royko Group has obtained multiple seven-figure verdicts in commercial cases, mediated eight-figure settlements, and prevailed over some of the largest, most reputable law firms. They take great pride in their ability as litigators and trial lawyers. They provide a critical service as outside counsel, preparing and advising businesses and corporations on all forms of legal risk and potential litigation.

The Royko Group has worked on cases ranging from commercial partnership disputes to complex and cutting-edge contract disputes between contracted parties and streaming internet services. They have served as outside counsel for businesses in environmental recycling, chemical production, distributing, hospitality, and brewing and distilling. Their client engagements have one thing in common: finding the best solution for the client.

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