What Does an Entertainment Lawyer Do for Their Clients?


What does an entertainment lawyer do? Find out here from our experienced entertainment attorneys.

What Does an Entertainment Lawyer Do?


Whether you are just getting started in entertainment or you are a veteran in the industry, you might have to deal with unfamiliar legal issues. You may have to face legal complexities such as negotiating intellectual property rights or a contract. 

It is always critical to work with an entertainment attorney from a reputable law firm to protect yourself. An entertainment attorney is different from a standard corporate lawyer as he focuses closely on the unique legal issues faced by clients working in the entertainment industry.

An entertainment attorney has a law degree and works to protect the rights and interests of creative people working in the entertainment industry. They provide their legal services to a range of people working in publishing, film, theater, sports, music, and more. 

Even though the law specializations are usually very specific, entertainment lawyers typically play all manner of roles aside from helping their clients manage their earnings and taxes. 

Like other corporate lawyers, an entertainment attorney will have to go to college for three years to earn their degree. Following graduation, they can decide on several law specializations. Following graduation from law school, they can join a firm that focuses on entertainment law.

In addition to understanding the entertainment industry and entertainment law, an entertainment attorney is an attorney who appreciates the creative process. In that regard, the entertainment attorney is not only about your attorney negotiating contracts and intellectual property rights, as many entertainment attorneys have a personal interest in legal matters related to entertainment.

The Royko Group has exceptional lawyers who have a solid understanding of entertainment law. By working with us, you will be working with a law firm that has extensive knowledge and skills on negotiating contracts and all matters of practice related to the entertainment industry.

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Functions of an Entertainment Attorney


You might think that given the nature of his work, an entertainment attorney only shares the spotlight and rubs elbows with high-profile clients. Nonetheless, this could not be any further from the truth.

Entertainment attorneys have the following responsibilities, among others:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Drafting and pushing marketing and merchandising deals
  • Preparing agreements for clients, including the traditional legal duties such as facilitation and distribution deals for projects
  • Working on investments and financing for grants and projects
  • Preparing agreements on pertinent matters such as release locations and release dates

Apart from the traditional legal work, an entertainment attorney may focus on only one industry. For instance, entertainment attorneys who work in theater will have to do responsibilities that include ticket sales agreements and products liability matters.

Entertainment attorneys who work in the digital entertainment industry are corporate lawyers who may handle licensing agreements, talent agreements, and contracts with potential copyright issues.

An entertainment attorney has a wide range of job responsibilities. Aside from the abovementioned duties, they will have to determine business implications before allowing their clientele to enter into a contract. In addition to this, an entertainment attorney is responsible for ensuring their clients as professionals are members of guilds and unions.

They may also be expected to help out clientele new to the entertainment industry. They are typically expected to consult with them on joining professional associations, the creative process, and talent agreements.

They will also advise clients on aspects of the business such as where to find good agents, how to make wise business deals, and which types of contracts will further their interests.

They may also help organize marketing and merchandising deals for their clients and secure the client’s intellectual property. They will also help one to comply with copyright laws.

They provide advice on other nontraditional legal work that may have legal or business implications. Entertainment lawyers can typically input a creative project’s distribution, production, and development.

At The Royko Group, our lawyers have been providing a wide range of legal services to clients in the entertainment industry for years. Our lawyers use their experience and skills to help people with complex legal matters related to entertainment.

Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer?


An entertainment lawyer is an attorney with a law degree who can help clients manage their careers and comply with the industry’s requirements. For instance, they may help draft employment contracts by using established business models. 

What makes people seek entertainment lawyers is that some entertainment industries may be governed by a set of regulations and laws that will need the hiring of a professional. Such a professional understands the law and practice and will explain the many issues and pitfalls that you may face. 

An entertainment attorney is hired to deal with the negotiation and drafting of contracts and dealing with litigation matters. In some instances, they can also be responsible for helping their clients find work, even though these may be attorneys with legal experience who sometimes work as agents.

For anyone working in entertainment, you will need to hire an entertainment lawyer to help you understand the subtle nuances of the law. Entertainment attorneys from The Royko Group are just what you need when dealing with any issues in your practice related to the law.

Once you contact us, we typically evaluate your case and then offer advice on a suitable strategy to adopt going forward.

Do Entertainment Lawyers Work With Celebrities?


Many entertainment lawyers work with celebrities and large corporate entities involved in the industry. Some of the services that they may provide include:

  1. Drafting production and development contracts for both parties involved in a creative endeavor
  2. Negotiating and facilitating distribution deals for a range of entertainment projects
  3. Providing general advice that a celebrity may need in their professional life
  4. Protecting the IP of their celebrity clients
  5. Preparation of agreements that may include licensing agreements, appearance releases, and location releases that may be needed depending on the industry
  6. Reviewing existing agreements to provide legal representation or support in instances of legislation
  7. Fostering relationships between professional associations and their clients
  8. Connecting celebrity clients to professionals that may provide the support they need to further their careers. 

While an entertainment lawyer will work with celebrities, it is vital to note that not all will perform all the above duties. Before reaching out to an attorney, it is therefore critical to find a lawyer who understands the industry that you practice in.

The Royko Group is led by entertainment attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of entertainment law in Chicago. We work diligently to offer clients representation or advice on dealing with any issues with the law that they may have. 

Things You Should Know About Entertainment Lawyers


Entertainment lawyers tend to provide boutique services as they focus on representing and advising their clients in legal matters in entertainment from intellectual property, sports, and television.

They usually narrow their focus to several areas of practice in the entertainment industry. They may represent media and communications, international entertainment clients, and companies.

Entertainment attorneys work on a variety of aspects of intellectual property law, including trademarks, royalties, literary property, and copyright. The most experienced attorneys will have years of prior work in this field and will help you navigate legal issues and provide other auxiliary services.

At The Royko Group, we have been practicing entertainment law in Chicago for years, and we may just use our experience to help you with your case. Our lawyers have the necessary skills to negotiate contracts or represent you in legal matters that arise in your creative pursuits.

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